TIN is one of the environmentally friendliest metals.

(Sn, atomic number 50, melting point about 232 Centigrades, atomic weight 118,69) Genuine solid Handicraft made of Tin last forever. They do not break like glass or chinaware. The natural colour-tone of Tin is a brilliant silvery sheen with a warm, soft lustre that gives it its particular charme and exciting lure.

It is of special importance, that no Lead (Pb) is added during the working process. To harden Tin only a little Copper and Antimony are added. Tin does not cause any hazard to the environment. It is absolutely nonpoisonous and products made of tin such as plates, bowls, cups, tumblers, cutlery, etc. can be used for eating and drinking without any hesitation. Contrary to Silver, Tin has no smell and no taste for Humans.

All our Products are made of the best possible Alloy of 97% Tin and are guaranteed not to contain any Lead.