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Welcome to the official Website of Colani Trading AG


"Whenever we talk about biodesign we should simply bear in mind just how amazingly superior a spider’s web is to any load-bearing structure man has made – and then derive from this insight that we should look to the superiority of nature for the solutions. If we want to tackle a new task in the studio, then it’s best to go outside first and look at what millenia-old answers there may already be to the problem." Luigi Colani

For over five decades now Colani has been the unabashed agent provocateur of the design world. He thinks in terms of grand utopias, creating ingenious drafts for designs that preempt much of what is not yet technically feasible. While the design world has spent decades endeavoring like the Renaissance to quantify design tasks in terms of rules and laws, Colani acts like the Mannerists who succeeded the Renaissance and breaks all the rules to paint an unpredictable and moving picture of how the future could be designed. It is precisely because of these qualitites that at present Colani’s working ideas are being rediscovered and reinterpreted world-wide – driven by a younger generation of designers such as Ross Lovegrove and Karim Rashid, who likewise believe that anatomy, technology and 3D shapes must form the basis if design is to be duly holistic and biomorphic.

Ross Lovegrove , London :
"Colani’s place is secured as perhaps the most influential form visionary of the twentieth century in the field of industrial design. He has created dreams that push the limits of our perception of space and technological possibility to the edge of the Earth’s stratosphere, and as the world of industrial design sought safety and acceptance through restraint he just kept blowing minds with the fusion of art and organic design. He remains ever relevant, connecting man to machine in the most profoundly utopian of ways.

Seeing his work at the age of fifteen made all possible for me because I realized that instinct is far more powerful than logic as the starting point for all new possibilities in our evolving world. Now, thirty years later, the incredible heart and soul of this man, who has created by hand and eye such an immense body of work, continues to inspire me as a friend and fellow techno-anthropomorphic believer lost in space but always supporting the potential of man."


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